Who can’t miss participating in The International Food Catalogue Show?

Whether your business is large or small you will benefit from the business resources, important contacts and top business leads in the rejoin by participating in the International Food Catalogue Show 2012.

Participation Types:

Type Your Participation Gives You..
A •    Distributing of your company catalogues or Cd's to the interested visitor (up   
to 100 catalogues) + Display Poster
•    Full report about the persons who received your company catalogues including their contact details allowing you to be pro-active and follow up the potential leads (Will be sent directly to you by email within 7 days after the show).
•    Your company details including a full profile entry {up to 40 descriptive words}
will be included in The International Food Catalogue Show guide in both Czech  
and English language (2000 copies will be distributed free to the visitors).
B •    Type A + samples distribution
•    Availability for downloading your company E-Catalogue from our website "www.thecatalogueshow.com" + direct hyperlink to your website ( the Link will remain for 3 month's after the show)
C •    Type B + Full color A4 Advertising page in International Food Catalogue Show guide + one roll-up advertising banner (210cmX85cm) + distributing your catalogues to the exhibitors matching your business sector.
Sponsorship •    Type C + on going movie (if available) in the catalogue show display screen 2 full colored A4 Advertising page in the official show guide 2 hard copies from the official show catalogue

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